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Youth Activities at Manav Seva Mandir


The Manav Seva Mandir youth group is a Hindu family oriented group dedicated to spiritual living and learning. The purpose of this group is to explore and embrace non-sectarian Hindu philosophy for the way of life. Study of the scriptures like the Bhagvad Gita and Mahabharat forms the core of activities. The Group meets on the first, third, and fifth Sundays of the month for the study of scriptures and philosophical grounding. We not only discuss the meaning of these scriptures but also how they can be applied in our day to day lives.

However, the activities are not just limited to study of scriptures. The group also meets periodically throughout the year for projects related to selfless service. It is actively involved at least once or twice a year in charitable projects. In the past two years we have made blankets and breakfast bags for the homeless on Hindu New Years Day. Aside from that, the children of the group have also visited several organizations dedicated to serving the less fortunate and needy.

The group is also a large family (Vasudev Kutumbakam). We meet for social and fun events as well. The youth group takes pride in sharing moments of playfulness and happiness with everyone who is part of our family. We organize a youth camp every year either on-site or off-site, which is a day of reflection and fun activities such as movie night, garba and folk dances, sports events, etc.

The goal of this group is to cultivate an exemplary life for the Hindu community and demonstrate through knowledge, wisdom, and experience the values that unites us all as Hindus and as human beings. There is no discrimination in participation based on race, culture or ethnicity. We welcome everyone with open arms who brings an open mind to experience divinity by cultivating and demonstrating divine qualities within ourselves. We invite all of you visiting today to come and join us to be a part of our happy family.

Jai Sri Krishna

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