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Rental Hall Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to the rental halls available at Manav Seva Mandir.


1. No function is allowed in any place other than in the rented area.

2. Cancellation Policy: Full deposit will be refunded for written cancellation received 90 days prior to the function date. 50% deposit will be refunded for cancellations received between 90 and 30 days prior to the function date. No refund for cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the function date.

3. Use of the premises is allowed from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm only. Hall shall be vacated by this time.

3. All the quoted rates apply for time identified on the hall rental application. If the hall is occupied beyond the time listed on the form, additional charges will be added. Additional time isnít allowed if another function is scheduled on the same day in the second time slot.

4. The applicant shall conform to all rules, regulations and customs established by Manav Seva Mandir.

5. Applicants securing permits for use of Manav Seva Mandir hall shall not charge admission or permit subscription of any kind to be made. Any violation of this rule shall result in the immediate revocation of the permit.

6. For hall reservation, the application form must be filled out and a deposit (amount as decided by Manav Seva Mandir committee) must be paid in advance. Deposit shall be returned within seven (7) days after the function after Manav Seva Mandir hall custodian inspects the building premises and has given satisfactory report.

7. Rent shall be paid minimum of 15 days prior to actual use of the premise. If the rental premise is used for a longer period of time, in that event additional amount shall be paid before leaving the premise.

8. Under unusual circumstances Manav Seva Mandir reserves the right to cancel the hall reservation to any person or organization without any notice or without giving any reasons.

9. Smoking, non-vegetarian food and alcoholic beverages will not be allowed on the premises.

10. Helium balloons, scotch tape, staples, nails and advertisement banners are not allowed for hall decoration.

11. It is the applicant responsibility to put all garbage in dumpsters located outside the building and must keep the hall tidy and clean before leaving the area. If this isnít done to the satisfaction of Manav Seva Mandir custodian, an appropriate amount will be deducted from the deposit.

12. Kitchen may be used for warming the food and not for cooking or frying. A very limited refrigerator and freezer space is available in the kitchen.

13. The applicant agrees to hold Manav Seva Mandir, its officers, governing members and custodian harmless from and against any loss, damage and liability occasioned by, doming out of or arising from any tortuous or negligent act on the part of party, his agents, employees or invitees connected with Manav Seva Mandir facilities. It is the responsibility of the applicant, its members or their guest to obtain adequate insurance to protect themselves against losses resulting from the use of Manav Seva Mandir facilities.

14. Manav Seva Mandir custodian will help the function run smoothly.

15. In the event that the fire alarm is activated, everyone at your event is required to leave the facility for their safety.

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